Stories from Rhino Camp

Stories from Rhino Camp is centred on a participatory photography project being completed with eight farmers from the Rhino Camp area of north-west Uganda with the agricultural company Gulu Agriculture and Development Company (GADC) .

The aim of this project is to explore issues defined by the eight farmers that are impacting their agricultural practice. This includes but is not limited to: impacts from climate change, availability of equipment and training, gender roles and deforestation. Images also reflect on the integration of refugee and national communities occurring as part of the refugee resettlement programme in the Rhino Camp area.

The intention of this project is not simply to generate interesting and unique content. At its core, the project aims to communicate the stories shared by participants to raise awareness about the issues faced by farmers in the Rhino Camp region of Uganda and bring about change through the sale of participant images for a tree nursery in Rhino Camp.

This project relies on the images, captions and descriptions provided by the eight participant photographers. For example, this picture was taken to highlight the impact of changes to rainfall patterns. Taken in February 2018, a relative of Rose Akandru hurries to prepare sorghum before unexpected rainfall arrives in the normally dry month. Rose discusses:

"This lady is preparing sorghum before the rains arrive which can ruin it if it is left out...

That in the past, rain used to start from March. Then you would use that first rain for preparing land, and then April would be for you to plant. It will continue like this and you would find the growth of the plant would be very good. At the end of it you get very good yield. But now - you see, there is no rain (in March). There is very little rain to prepare and plant the land. "

Rose Akandru © / GADC / Divesh Mistry Photography

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