Stories from Rhino Camp

The following portfolio consists of images taken in the Rhino Camp region of Uganda by eight local photographers participating in the project 'Stories from Rhino Camp'. Find out more about the photographers hereClick on one of the four themes below to explore life in Rhino Camp.

Too often in Western media communities in the developing world impacted by environmental and social crisis are portrayed as passive victims of circumstance, with voices of local communities sidelined by reporters and experts external to the community. What the photographers and their narratives reveal in this project is that communities take a very active role in responding to crisis, with lessons from the project showing that if resources are made available, communities can organise and respond. 

All images have been selected and captioned by participants showing key issues they wanted to highlight. Photos have been grouped into themes by participants during workshops to highlight key issues as defined by the group. The copyright and intellectual property belongs to the photographers. Written consent to publish the images was obtained prior to publication. Oral consent was obtained by photographers from subjects with further explanation of the project provided on request and at the final exhibition. No profit has or will be made of images by the project co-ordinator Divesh Mistry. The intention of this project was to provide the eight photographers with a platform to highlight key issues the impact their agricultural practice and articulate strategies to help alleviate any adverse impacts (see Action). 

Additional material from interviews with the photographers on their farms is used to support narratives presented in the photographs. Comments are either explicitly linked to images, or to the broader collection of images captured by participants as images were referenced during interviews. 

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