Wani Joseph

Wani Joseph arrived in Uganda as a South Sudanese refugee in 1994 at the age of 26. At the time he was provided with 3 acres of land and a small allotment area where he has since built his homestead. Wani rents 1 hectare of land from the local Ugandan tribe on which he grows cotton. He has been growing cotton for 6 years. Wani has 8 children, one of which is at university in Kampala, and another which returned to South Sudan.

Grace Candiru

Grace Candiru was 28 years at the start of this project in 2018. She arrived in Uganda as a refugee from South Sudan in 1995. Her family was provided with 3 acres of land to grow food. Since that time, part of the family farm has been passed to Grace who has been growing cotton for 2 years on a small area land. She does not have additional income to rent land.

Jeska Akru

Jeska is a Ugandan national born in the Rhino Camp area in 1972. Growing up near the Nile River, she moved inland to Olojobu after her marriage. She has 7 children, and farms 8 acres of land with her husband. As her husband is part of the Indigenous tribe of the area the family has an unspecified amount of land beyond that which her family has access to. Some of this land was gifted to the sub-county which is now the site of Olojobu Primary School.

Josephine Dawru

Josephine Dawru was 30 years old at the time of the project. She is a Ugandan national who has lived her whole life in the Olojobu area. She is a single mother with 4 children, who escaped a violent marriage. She inherited her grandparents farm after they passed away, but has had ongoing disputes with male relatives over land ownership. Josephine is supported by other women in the community in her agricultural practice. 

Denis Adrabo

Denis Adrabo is 21 years old. He is a Ugandan national born in Olojobu and his family have a history dating back 50 years in the area. During farm visits he talked about the changes in landscape, crop yields and population in the area since his grandparents first settled in Olojobu. He has three brothers and two sisters. Denis has been growing cotton for 2 years, and owns the land he grows the cotton on. Relatively wealthy compared to other farmers in the area, Dennis also runs a motorcycle taxi business, has a share in a small store and has completed agricultural training at a technical college in nearby Arua.

Rose Akandru

In 1993 Rose Akandru walked for nearly a week with 7 children from her village in South Sudan to the  border with Uganda. Having seen her husband murdered, she escaped with her children to seek refuge in Uganda. Now 47 years old (in 2018), she runs a small farm with the help of her daughters, growing cotton on approximately 2 acres. She uses income from the cotton to contribute towards her grandchildren's school fees. Her son who lives locally has been successful in his agricultural practice and now owns a herd of over 20 cows.

Mutto Dinya

Mutto Dinya is 42 years old, having arrived in Uganda in 1995. He lives on a homestead with his mother and also looks after some of his nephews and nieces. He currently grows cotton on 1 acre of land. His main income comes from the 20 cattle he has slowly acquired since his arrival in Uganda.

Swabir Ailoni

Swabir is a Ugandan national born in Olojobu, Rhino Camp. He helps to manage the family farm, which is extensive comparative to other farms in the area (greater than 20 acres including cattle). Swabir has been growing cotton on 1 to 2 acres for over 3 years to generate additional income. He has 8 siblings, with 20 family members living on the homestead.

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