Stories from Rutaka, Rwanda

Rutaka Valley is located in central Rwanda. In June 2017 the non-profit organisation Bridges to Prosperity with the help of ten volunteers from the UK and local community, built a footbridge which will serve approximately 5,000 people. Bridges to Prosperity helps link communities and connects individuals with healthcare, education and employment opportunities by building footbridges.

To capture the significance of the bridge a participatory photography project was organised with 10 individuals from Rutaka Valley. Click on each participants image and scroll across to see a selection of their work.

The intent of the project was to give the community voice through the participants images. Providing participants with cameras enabled them to document the things central to their lives and also highlight the importance of journeys. In doing so, it is hoped that the value of the new bridge in Rutaka is highlighted.

All participants kept copies of their photos. Copyright of the photos presented belongs to the participants. Navigate to the contact form on the menu if you wish to get in contact to learn more about the project.

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